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19thC Grandfather Clock


Belonging to a client from Malborough, Wiltshire, this image shows the remains of his longcase clock hood. The whole clock fell forwards to the floor with most of the damage to the hood. All the pieces are there.

I have undertaken numerous repairs to damaged cases over the years. Longcase clocks are particularly vulnerable to toppling over due to their small footprint and being top heavy due to weight of the movement. This coupled with the fact that the case sits tight to the skirting board with back feet resting on the carpet gripper tends to make the case lean forward anyway. This is rectified by inserting packing beneath the front feet and screwing the clock to the wall through the backboard. The majority of damage repairs really well often with no sign of the repair, if done properly.

disc 6 retrieve work pics 091


disc 6 retrieve work pics 003

From the same clock, the hinge area on the trunk damaged as a result of the door wrenching off during the fall.


The clock hood repairs now completed and back on the trunk.

disc 6 retrieve work pics 012

The hinge area now repaired.


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