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Georgian Mahogany Tripod Table


A georgian tripod table needing serious repair! having the top block that is riddled with worm and needing replacement. Often wormed timber is still strong enough but if the worm damage becomes extensive and the wood goes crumbly or soft then really the component needs replacing. Another alternative is to impregnate the damaged area with resin. Here, the client wants me to replace the top block completely.


The block being cramped up. The extended sections will be formed into round spigots which locate in the stretchers that support the table top.


The finished block, coloured and distressed and fitted back onto the table stem. the square joint to the top has wedged tenons which is the traditional way of fixing these. Not so good is when you need to remove the block from a stem as the edges need to be drilled out.


The finished table. The tripod table top is one piece of timber 40″ wide. This means it was cut from a plank of mahogany 40″ wide! All the best quality tripod tables have one piece tops.

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