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19thC Inlaid Specimen Table


Above image shows a period Specimen Table. So called due to all the different timbers used in the patterns on the top. The outer banded surround is in solid ebony whilst the stem and base are ebonised with faux decorative panels. This rare table had been stored in a damp garage for over 20 years. The decorative timber inlays to the top were lifting and the finish was damaged having become dried out due to damp and water damage.


Showing here are a multitude of F cramps! The thickness of the various timbers in the top was around 5mm. Scotch glue was injected with a syringe and needle and worked into the loose pieces and each section was painstakingly cramped flat one by one. No attempt was made to sand or level the top afterwards thus conserving the original finish and rich colour. The surface was gently cleaned of it’s oxidised coating that had built up from the years of neglect. Really, really important with a job like this to conserve originality whilst at the same time making the piece fault free.


Above, the completed table. All the lifting sections to the top have been reglued as flat as can be allowed. The centre circular section has been replaced as has a part of one of the speciman timbers to the edge. The base which had suffered extensive scratching and marking has been sympathetically restored. The top finish has been carefully revived as mentioned above using a hard wax and pumice polishing process creating a finish that looks warm, original and well cared for. Undertaken for a client in Clifton, Bristol who was amazed at the table’s transformation!

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